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Varietal composition: 100% Malbec.

Vineyards: Medrano, Mendoza.

Vineyard age: 60.

Training system: 4 - wire trellis

Soil type: Mixt.

Yield per hectare: 7000 lbs.

Harvest: Is done manually. Bunches are selected and then put in 300-kg plastic bins.

Wine making process: During crushing, rolls are applied very gently and bunch destemming is done extremely carefully. Then, a cold exchanger is used in order to reduce grape temperature to 9° so as to improve extraction by means of a special kind of maceration for around 3 days. Next, selected yeasts are added and Ph is corrected. Alcoholic fermentation occurs in stainless steel tanks at 25°-27°. Total maceration time is 20 days approximately and malolactic fermentation happens naturally. Skin pressing is performed with a pneumatic press. The wine is finally put in brand new American and French oak barrels where it was kept for 4 months.

Alcohol: 13,5 degrees

Tasting notes: It is a bright ruby red wine. Its aroma is attractive, actually refined, where ripe berries, especially plum and cassis predominate. In the mouth it is pleasantly gentle, medium-structured, with excellent tannins and berries marmalade notes.