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Fincas La Mercedes was created by those hoping to continue Jorge Oliveri´s family legacy. During his childhood years, he would be told stories about a noble Italian Lord named Carlos Oliveri, who ventured into viticulture back in 1839 in his small farm at the foot of Italian-French Alps.
More than a century later, Jorge, the great grandson of Don Carlos’ arrived in Argentina in 1903 and decided to get into wine making in this remote country recovering roots and origins and continuing land cultivation the way his noble ancestor did in Italy decades before.
This is how Fincas La Mercedes came into being, an enterprise dreamt of by Jorge Oliveri, who -together with Bodega Finca López Noceti- created the Noble Barón and Noble Herencia lines. They painstakingly supervise every step and detail in the production process in an attempt to preserve Don Carlos’ passion. This team makes each varietal wine from vines germinating, growing and fruiting in the main wine-making region of Mendoza, 8th wine capital of the world.

This enterprise’s main goal is making Fincas La Mercedes wines in such a way that they can express all their personality and varietal uniqueness with the highest quality.Fincas La Mercedes is permanently pursuing self-improvement and compliance with the highest international standards when producing wines aimed at foreign markets in an attempt to guarantee its production process.